About Me

I am Xiuxiu Zhao, and I am Editor-in-Chief of FROMzine, a bimonthly  magazine that focuses on active lifestyles, culture, and travel in the U.S. and China. I graduated from Georgetown University in 2011 with a M.A. in Cultural Diplomacy and concentrations in New Communication Technologies and International Business Diplomacy. I was also a graduate fellow at United Nations Association of National Capital Areas.

My research on the Chinese political economy and the international trade system in Washington and Geneva, as well as my hands-on experiences in analyzing critical US-China trade and commercial issues  has trained me to be a structured thinker and a strong writer. Moreover, my exposure to high-level political networks in both Washington and Beijing has given me a strong grasp of policy issues.

My three-year professional experiences in public sectors of the U.S. and China have developed my organizational skills, so much so that I can manage multiple tasks and cooperate effectively in a team.

I have strong strategic communication skills,  especially on how an organization should leverage new communication technologies to connect and engage with consumers. I also have a passion  for inter-cultural communication, especially between China and the Western world.